roku link video is the fastest streaming device that makes your television a smarter television than before. Roku provides you various channels and video streaming. The channels like, HBO, HULLU, Netflix, etc are shown on Roku. To activate the steps are given below. Follow it properly to install and activate Roku.

How to link & Activate

Setup Roku device

It is a box-like device that is compact in size. Roku link consists of two sockets. One is for HDMI connection and the other is for USB connection. It also has some buttons on it for controlling purposes. You also get a remote control with the device.

How to connect Roku device to TV?

  • Roku device consists of a socket and an HDMI cable. Connect the TV and Roku device via HDMI cable.  link roku
  • Then switch on the device and TV. Here your device is ready to connect.
  • For working of the device you require a high-speed internet connection or a wifi connection.
  • Following are the steps to connect wifi or the internet to your device.


How to connect wifi/internet to Roku device?

  • When you complete the device connecting procedure then switch on the device and TV.
  • Select the language of your choice and go into the settings option.
  • Then click on the Network option and find your WiFi network and enter the password and connect.
  • Here your WiFi network is connected.

Steps to create an account:-

What if you don’t have an account on What are the steps to create an account on Roku? So, the following are the steps to create an account on Roku:

  • Open your Pc’s or Smartphone’s browser and search for
  • The registration form page will appear. Enter your whole details asked like Name, email address, etc.
  • Fill the form and submit the form.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation link on your email id.
  • Go into the email and click on the given link. Here your registration is successful and your account is being created successfully.

How to activate your account?

For activation of the account, you require an activation code. Following are the steps to activate your Roku account using activation code;

Activation code

It is a 6 digit number plus alphabet code. It is used to activate the Roku account. You need to keep it safe so that no other can use it. Roku activation code can be purchased online or in a retail store. You can even get it via email address.


Roku Activation Code

How to use the activation code?

  • When you Switch on your device and TV you will see a screen on which the 6 digit code is displayed.
  • Similarly in your smartphone or PC’s browser open the link You will see a box that asks activation code.
  • Then enter the code shown on the TV screen into that box and submit it.
  • Here your account will activate successfully.
  • And if you have brought the activation code through a retail store then scratch the silver box on the purchased card and you will get the keycode. Enter that keycode in the box of activation code as given above.

How to buy a subscription to

  • When you create an account it asks you your account details like credit card or debit card etc. Enter the credentials and submit the form.
  • And if you don’t want to buy it then skip the bank account details and submit the form.
  • To buy it select the packages you require and make a payment.
  • You will get an activation code via email. Enter that keycode in and the subscription will automatically.

How to get a free trial on Roku?

  • When you create an account on Roku add the details required.
  • After filling in all credentials it will ask you about the payment details or bank account details.
  • If you don’t want to buy it then skip the information and if you want to buy it fill in all the payment details.
  • Then click on the skip option to get a free trial.
  • You will get an option of a free trial. Click on that option.
  • It will provide you a free trial.
  • But there are some limitations to a free trial. You cannot add your own channels. You just have to watch the channels provided by them or those are free to watch.